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Every Turtle Counts

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Jan. 26, 2022 7-8 p.m. In-person and Zoom event. First Parish Church, Weston, MA. "What can Weston do: Race & Caste in the Suburbs" with Zebra Friends podcast hosts Katani Sumner and Sara Hunter.

Jan. 28, 2022 11 a.m. Lincoln Home, Damariscotta, Maine The Unbreakable Code book talk: What I learned from the Navajo Code Talkers

Feb. 4, 2022 Breakfast, Rotary Club of Naples, FL The Unbreakable Code book talk: What I learned from the Navajo Code Talkers


ZEBRA FRIENDS: FINDINGTHE JOY IN BLACK AND WHITE. Katani Sumner and Sara Hunter stomp through the minefields of racial sensitivity to ask each other the questions only best friends can: "Why are white funerals so dismal? Why do black movie audiences yell at the screen? Why in the world do white people green bean casserole?" Legendary House of Blues Gospel host Katani grew up in Boston. Sara spent her childhood in a woodsy suburb far from the city. Their worlds collided on the soccer sidelines of their kids' elementary school. Through honesty, humor, and shared experiences they have learned the joys of Zebra Friendship. Their mission: integration in the best way possible: friend by friend. Join the growing circle of Zebra Friends. Learn how on this month's podcast. It's time for real conversation in a safe space.

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Read Sara's award winning stories of true unsung heroes to inspire you and your children

A family Christmas Classic based on the heroic lighthouse flights of Edward Rowe Snow

The rescue of earth's rarest sea turtle by a child with special gifts.

National Science Teachers Trade Book of the Year

Ben Franklin Gold Award

The story of the Navajo Code Talkers of WWII who invented a code that was never broken.

Smithsonian Notable Book

Spur Award

Governor's Literacy Award

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One rare sea turtle . . .

One little girl in need of help . . .

A rescue story to touch your heart.



The Independent Books Publishers Association selected Every Turtle Counts

as best children’s cover design of the year


IBPA 2015 Benjamin Franklin Awards™ Winners

The IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards are regarded as one of the highest national honors for independent publishers


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Harvard's Graduate School of Education

Every Child Counts


NPR's Sasha Pfeiffer talks to Sara about

Every Turtle Counts


National Science Teacher's Association

and the Children's Book Council names

Every Turtle Counts an "Outstanding Science Trade Book," representing the year's best books for science classrooms, chosen by science educators.


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Announcing Sara's New Book!

Stories from Home: Dover Days chronicles a small town childhood of not-so-long-ago. Set in the author’s beloved hometown of Dover, Massachusetts, these poignant reminiscences will strike a familiar chord with all who hold their childhood home deep in their hearts.

Available by order at your favorite bookstore,,,


Stories from Home Dover Days by Sara Hoagland Hunter ($17.95) are delightful, funny, and comforting reminiscences from Hunter's childhood days in the 1950s and '60's in Dover Massachusetts. They made me laugh and reflect on my own childhood memories. Times were simpler then, right? This is the perfect gift for those who grew up then and want to give those who grew up then and want to give younger loved ones a taste of life back in the day. Read one story a night before bedtime. Sweet dreams!