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Inspiring Writing

“A lovely book that will motivate children to seek the wonder and beauty of the natural world.”

-Temple Grandin, author, Animals in Translation, Autism Rights Activist

“An enchanting picture book about a young girl who finds strength in helping animals . . . the matter-of-fact, compassionate depiction of Mimi’s special needs is both child-friendly and honest. The author’s gentle voice rings just as clearly in her explanation of endangered sea turtles . . . this beautifully written story may help inspire a new generation of open-minded activists."

-Kirkus Reviews

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Touching the Heart

“Your book brought tears to my eyes. My husband and I couldn’t believe all the memories your book brought back to us! When  my daughter read it, she, too was moved to tears. She can hardly wait for her boys [The Lighthouse Santa’s great grandsons] to read it. Perhaps you should include tissues inside the dust jacket!”

Dolly Snow Bicknell

Daughter of Edward Rowe Snow,

the Lighthouse Santa

Association for Library Service for Children recommendation

“This is an incredible story about the Navajo Code Talkers”, and includes a special comment from author Sara Hoagland Hunter.

Speaker for All Ages

“Sara Hunter, the author of The Lighthouse Santa, is an engaging and entertaining storyteller.   Sara reads this treasure of a story and explores the life of the original Lighthouse Santa, Edward Rowe Snow, delighting a recent  audience of children and adults. Her unique conversational style of speaking brings her story and her research to life!”

Gene Orloff

Director of Lecture/Learn Series,

Centerville Beach Club, Cape Cod


“I met Sara Hunter twenty years ago when she was making her first videos. Her formidable talents were evident from the very beginning, as she filled her films with great wit, , boundless energy, and a clear vision. She’s a joy to work with...a creative dynamo who imbues all her projects with a unique artistry.”

Tom Ruegger,

Creator of Warner Bros. Animaniacs


“There’s no one I’d rather work with than Sara Hoagland Hunter. When it comes to deadlines, she trounces on them! But, most of all, it’s Sara’s wonderful sense of humor that makes working with her, and everything she does, first rate.”

Alison Inches McKown,

Children’s Book Writer


“Sara understood the culture of our campus and related to students and faculty members on a personal and intellectual level. She listened to what we were saying and translated our ideas into creative interviews.”

Janet A. Lavin,

Dean of Admission,

Princeton University


“Sara Hunter produced a masterful film that exceeded our greatest expectations. The film proved to be the centerpiece of our class banquet, rousing a thunderous and tearful standing ovation at its conclusion. Hunter Productions created a video class yearbook that skillfully blended wit and humor together with a sensitive remembrance of our years at Dartmouth.”

Steven Eric Feld,

Reunion Chairman,

Dartmouth, Class of 1976


“Sara Hunter’s award winning video captures the critical features of an integration program. Her interviewing techniques demonstrate her sensitivity to the concerns and issues of people of color.”

Mary McCullogh,

Weston-METCO Coordinator,

Weston, MA

School Visits

“Sara Hunter is a gifted writer and entertainer. She is flexible and respects the needs of the school. She works well with all ages, keeping any number of children enthralled, entertained, and informed with stories from her books.”

Rita Foglia & Maggie Thomas

Arts Enrichment Committee

James Russell Lowell School,

Watertown, MA

Dear Sara,

I want you to know that the members of the Rotary Club of Boston raved about the talk you gave regarding the Navajo Code Talkers. Considering the familiarity this audience had with the details of World War II, they did not know much about the Navajo Indian’s contributions to the war effort. They were inspired by your presentation and now have tremendous respect for the patriotism of the Navajo Indians.

It was fascinating to hear you describe the research process you went through in order to write this book. Your interviews with the Navajos were thoughtfully described and evoked great interest. Indeed, your talk was very thought provoking and was evidenced by the good questions during the Q+A session.

Thank you again for your lively presentation. May I pass your name on to other organizations that are looking for terrific speakers?

Susana Brown,

Program Committee Chair,

Rotary Club of Boston